Become Multilingual with the World’s 10 Most Popular Languages to Learn

“Language is the archives of history…” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Language is the key to communication all over the world. Although we first learn to speak our native language when we come into this world, we are more than capable of learning other languages. Doing so can open up a whole new world for us, and that is why being multilingual is so important. If you are considering learning a new language but are unsure which to begin with, consider the following top 10 most popular languages to learn.



No matter where you go in the world, you can hear the English language being spoken. This is the most popular language for non-native speakers to learn due to that fact that so much in life all over the globe depends on knowing English. Knowing English helps in the world of both education and business. Nearly 2 billion people around the world speak it.


Also known as the Castilian language, Spanish is one of the romance languages. Learning Spanish is nearly as important as learning English, especially in North America where there are many immigrants whose first language is Spanish.


French is very popular with those who are fascinated with the culture of this country. As with Spanish, French is also one of the romance languages, which is another reason for its great popularity. After English, French is the top language offered in schools.


Aside from English, German is next in line for the purpose of education and business. Plus, knowing German can help you explore this amazing county in a more in-depth manner.


Italian is the final language that falls into the romance language category. If you wish to learn more than one new language, taking Italian first will aid you in learning Spanish since both of these languages are so similar.


Many people wish to learn Hebrew due to its historical significance. Although this is a more complicated language to learn than others (since it is written and read from right to left), it is still quite popular.

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As with Hebrew, Arabic is also a historic language that reads and is written from right to left. More than 250 million people speak it in one form or another. Although years ago, it was not very popular to learn, Arabic has quickly become necessary in the world of business and foreign relations.


Mandarin Chinese

With an estimated 1 billion people speaking Mandarin Chinese all over the world, this is a very popular language to learn. This is one of civilization’s oldest known languages, making it very interesting to learn. In addition, since China is such a superpower in the world of business and technology, knowing the language is very important for those in the business world.


Hindi is India’s official language and is spoken by an average of 500 million people across the world. With the migration of India immigrants all over the world, especially in the United States, learning Hindi has become a very popular way of communicating with new friends and colleagues. It is also considered one of the most beautiful languages ever spoken.


Learning to speak Russian will put you in a group of 250 million others around the world that speaks this popular language. In most surveys done about popular languages, Russian is most always included and is usually in the top eight. Russian is the official language not only of Russia itself, but also of Belarus and Abkhazia, Gagauzia, and it is one of the official languages of the United Nations.

There are several other languages in the world that are worth mastering, so don’t stop with just one. Educate yourself for the future.



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