Being overprotective

In today’s world, with all of the dangers online, we all want to protect ourselves with different Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software that we install on our machines.

We believe that they will do their work in analyzing the different threats out there, defending us when someone is trying to hurt our computer, the center of every household these days.

False positive

The problem starts when such software detects a legitimate site or software as something that is malicious, when in fact it is safe.

That case is called a false positive.

Currently there are four of these companies that ignore our requests to clear our sites and software from these false alerts, to allow you – the user – to access and install our software.

Clearly Babylon is not a virus nor malware.

Is this issue limited to Babylon?

The answer is clearly no. If you will visit the forums of the different AV/AM publishing houses, you will find many legitimate sites and companies are wrongfully flagged.

How can you help?

We have created a section on our website to provide you a list of anti-virus / anti-malware software that currently show a false positive on our software – Babylon NG.

Each page comes with a specific explanation about the false detection and an explanation about the solution and workaround if known.

Still worried?

If you are still worried about an alert or are aware of any other software that blocks Babylon, please contact the Babylon Software Support and let us know.


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