Does ESET posses a sixth sense?

After about 3 long months of us writing to ESET to correct the false positive they show on our software, we have finally received a reply:

Thank you for your submission.
The detection is correct.

ESET Malware Response Team

This response from ESET is the most unprofessional response we received from any and all Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware developers, as it holds no information as to their findings, besides claiming that they are correct.

The Sixth sense in action

If you are an ESET user or following this developing story, you are aware of the fact that ESET claims that our software includes a toolbar, identifying it as ‘Win32/Toolbar.Babylon.AO.gen’.

Our software does not install any kind of toolbar, as other AV/AM developers acknowledged after we approached them, and apologized for the false positive.

We have no other explanation to their claim besides ESET having a Sixth sense. To quote from Google’s dictionary – ‘a supposed intuitive faculty giving awareness not explicable in terms of normal perception.’.

What can you do

Once your ESET subscription will end, we suggest that you will find a more reliable software to protect you from real threats.

Meanwhile, you can write to ESET’s support and report the issue you are facing, telling them that our software is clean and that they should correct the identification.


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