Five Useful Tools for Any Growing Business

Sustainable business growth comes as a hard challenge for many entrepreneurs. After all, there is only so much that hard work and sweat can do for you. Fortunately, there are tools that can help push your growing business even further. To help you focus on which tools actually have promise and potential for your business, here are five to start with:

Website Builder

CMS or content management systems, like WordPress, have been around for more than a decade, yet it is still relevant in today’s increasingly digitalized space. A growing business needs a website to generate more leads that can be converted into paying customers. A website is perhaps the cheapest customer acquisition tool that you can find today as it offers round-the-clock exposure for your brand. Unlike newspaper ads and billboards that cost you tremendous amounts of money to rent, the costs of maintaining a website are significantly lower. A website builder can help you create that visually-appealing, interactive, and engaging layout and interface that users will enjoy using.

Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM is a platform that is specifically designed to improve the relationship between the business and its existing customer base. It is also a powerful tool for finding new leads and niches that you can target as well as winning back past clientele. The platform can perform these said capabilities through collection, organization, and management of customer data. As a growing business, your customer data grows exponentially over time. Manually managing this data can be a taxing and resource-intensive process, one that can be avoided with the help and automation of a CRM system.


Globalization is increasing, and with that comes barriers and challenges. One of the barriers that you have to go through as a business owner is the communication gap that exists between borders. If you want to expand your business to countries that speak a different language, you’ll need a tool to effectively communicate with your prospective consumers and business partners on the ground. This is where translation software come in handy. Language translation software are becoming more accurate and more extensive in terms of what languages it can actually translate from and to. A growing business that is looking to expand to new territories should definitely be using a translation app to avoid any miscommunications. Aside from being able to accommodate a wider audience, the use of translation apps can also help you better understand cultural profiles and differences.

Presentation Software

At one point in time, every business has had to present something to people, whether it’s to board of directors, a sample size of your target customers, potential investors, or employees. A well-constructed presentation can send a powerful and clear message to its intended recipients. A growing business should be using some sort of presentation software to construct and design visually-appealing and easy-to-read slides. Presentation software features ready-to-use slides and templates that can contain text, images, video, and animations. You can use the program to make your presentations more interactive with graphic effects. There is also a slide note feature that acts as a cheat sheet for the presenter. It’s impossible to try and remember all the key facts and tidbits you want to share for each slide, and a slide note can make sure you disseminate the critical pieces of information.

Google Cloud

Last but definitely not least on our list of useful tools for growing businesses is the Google Cloud. Perhaps one of the most popular cloud computing platforms today, Google’s Cloud platform allows users, both consumers and businesses, to back up their sensitive data with ease. There are many benefits to choosing Google Cloud for your cloud computing needs. For starters, it is better priced than most of its major competitors, with Google charging you in minute-tier increments. Other noteworthy features include a private international fiber network, live migration of virtual machines, and overall improved performance for your growing business, all thanks to a more affordable and flexible means of storing and accessing data.

Final Thoughts

The tools don’t make the business, but they can definitely help grow yours. If executed properly, these tools can streamline your operations by maximizing savings, widening profit margins, and creating a more customer-oriented business model.


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