Is your Babylon blue?

If your Babylon is in any other color, it means you must still be using an older version of Babylon and not the latest – Babylon NG.

Babylon NG has been released over a year ago, back in June of 2017. Babylon NG came to replace the good old Babylon 10 that we ran with for over 5 years.

The new Babylon NG Version NG.0.0.29

Babylon NG comes with a revolutionary OCR (Optical Character Recognition) mechanism that transforms the way our one click translation feature works.

Instead of relaying on different extensions that needs to be tailored for each and every software that you use, we have turned to this revolutionary solution that allows the software to recognize the term you are clicking on within any software that appears on your screen – even in photos and scanned documents!

Need an upgrade?

If you are using an older paid version of Babylon (10 or older), we recommend that you will upgrade your Babylon to Babylon NG through our website.

Need an update?

If you are already using Babylon NG, the current version of Babylon NG is NG.0.0.29. If you are using anything older than this version, we suggest that you will update to make sure that your software is up to date and functions in the best possible way.

Using Babylon for your business?

Babylon NG is also available for business / corporate use. If you are interested in Babylon for business or corporate use, please leave your details at this page and our business department will get back to you ASAP.

We hope you will like Babylon NG. If for some reason you are unhappy with it, please let us know here.


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