New support center

We welcome all of our users to visit our new and improved Babylon Software support center at:

Ticketing system

When you want to exchange messages, simply open a new support ticket. Our support team is always there for you and will get back to you within 3 business days.

A new feature in this new support center is the ability to check the status of your support tickets. That way you are never in the dark and can better understand what is being done with your ticket.

Knowledge base

The new support center offers an extensive Knowledge base about the different versions Babylon Software has to offer, the purchase process, licensing questions and much more.


Another part that was added is a forum section where you can write and get answers from both our support team and other users who are knowledgeable about our software.

The forums are currently empty – feel free to be the first 🙂

Juniper – our Support BOT!

Juniper is our pride and joy when it comes to our new support center! We have worked hard to teach Juniper anything there is to know about our software. You can try and ask juniper about your issue and see what solutions she can offer you, before opening a ticket with our support.

As Juniper is a BOT and not a real person, please try to keep your question short and to the point. This will assist Juniper in determining the best solutions and answers to your query.

If Juniper was not able to answer your question, please make sure to report it so we will teach her about the right solution, so she will be able to better assist the next person.

If Juniper was not able to assist you, she will suggest opening a new support ticket, adding a quote of your chat to the support team to better understand the issue.


As the support center is fresh new, we will appreciate any feedback you might have about the looks, functionality or anything else that comes to your mind!


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