Why should I buy Babylon?

It is true that Babylon offers you FREE translations, and currently there is no time or volume limitation to that. Although we cannot promise that it will stay that way forever, it is a service we have provided for a few years now. 

What is missing are the advanced features offered on our Babylon Premium Packages

Translation to and from 77 languages

When using the free version, you can select up to two languages that you would like to translate. While this might be sufficient for some users, other will find limiting. Once you purchase one of the premium packages, it will unlock the rest of the languages.

Offline translation

While most of us have constant Internet connection, there are always times when we are traveling, or when we are without Wi-Fi. In such cases, the free version will not be able to function. Once you upgrade to one of the premium packages – the offline feature is enabled, and you can download the dictionaries to your computer, making them available at all times.

Text translation

Babylon Full text translationIt is true that the free version offers you five free translations for basic use, yet many of the translations made today are of a higher level and word volume. When you upgrade this feature will be opened allowing the translation of large texts.



Formatted document translation

Babylon document translationThe latest feature from Babylon, which was released with version 10 of the software. Allows you to actually import a Word/Excel/PowerPoint document right into the software, and it will return the translated document in the same exact formatting as the original. The work you usually do to reformat and redo all colors and headers will no longer be necessary! Truly one of our biggest time savers only available when you upgrade.


Human Voice

Babylon Human VoiceThis is basically a text to speech engine which is offered in many different languages. If you are not sure how to pronounce a word, or just wish to rest your eyes and let Babylon read the text out loud – this is the product for you! You can select from many different languages and voices within each language.

Read more – Human Voice


Premium dictionaries

Babylon Merriam Webster

If you decide to purchase the Pro package, it comes ready loaded with two titles: British English Oxford and American English Merriam Webster. Their Dictionaries and Thesaurus will make sure that you covered for the full range of the English language.

Read more – Premium Dictionaries




To summarize, Babylon is still free for use when your translating needs are basic. If you would like to take advantage of the premium features our software has to offer, you can choose from the different packages available on our site.

Upgrade your Babylon and enjoy premium features.


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