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We have previously explained the issue with some anti-virus / anti-malware services being over protective. If you missed it, you can read about it here.


ESET seems to be the last service to show a false positive on our software. ESET alerts about a variant of ‘Win32/Toolbar.Babylon.AO.gen’ – Potentially Unwanted.

If you installed Babylon at one point or another since October of 2014, you can surely tell that there is no toolbar that is associated with our software.

What was done?

ESET has a process for reporting a false positive identification, which we have followed to the letter. We have sent numerous emails to them but to no avail.

ESET also set in place a whitelisting process to help you minimize the risk of a false positive alert, which you have to apply for. As you can imagine, we have done just that and guess what? Yeah! No reply of any kind.

We require your help!

If you are an ESET user, or just an advocate for correctness, you can contact ESET and alert them about their wrong doing.

You can tell them about their software blocking you from installing our software, which you wish to use for free, or even blocking your premium features which you paid for.

ESET Support
ESET Submit false positive

Please let us know if you were able to receive any kind of response from ESET, or share the difficulties you are experiencing with their software.


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